KN95 Masks

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Employers will be required to provide PPE when work resumes. 



Pre-order as we await shipment. Items are in-transit and buyers can reserve product with 10% down payment.



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We are a San Diego Based Company

The supply chain to get PPE from manufacturers to consumers is overly complex with so many hands in the pot that the product becomes unaffordable by the time it reaches the companies who need it.

We fixed that.

Our team took on all the risk, we pre-paid and have had the stock delivered here to San Diego, CA.

We don’t list product we don’t have.

As the country opens back up it will be the employers’ responsibility to supply PPE to workers who return to physical work sites.  From masks to gloves to hand sanitizer, businesses will have to restock regularly in order to avoid potential infection of workers.

The CDC predicts there will be a vaccine for the novel coronavirus by 2022.  Two years from now. In the meantime, we are going to be a culture of masked workers.

MedProteX is here to supply you with PPE delivered in 3 – 4 business days.

We are committed to pre-purchasing PPE to get it here to SD to eliminate all customs shipping and trust issues delays.  To supply those in need.

1.16 Million

US cases of COVID-19

67 Thousand

Deaths in the US from COVID-19

151 Thousand

Confirmed cases of recovery

3.42 Million

worldwide cases of COVID-19

Our products are of the highest quality…

KN95 Masks are FDA Approved and OSHA Recommended

Per the OSHA guidelines released in March 2020 employers must:

“Select, implement, and ensure workers use controls to prevent exposure, including physical barriers to control the spread of the virus; social distancing; and appropriate personal protective equipment, hygiene, and cleaning supplies.”

Stay Safe. Protect your loved ones.

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Bringing workers back into common spaces will require that business owners provide PPE to keep them safe.  MedProteX offers discounts for large orders of >500 and >10,000 to help you prepare for the US re-opening and  the “new normal”.


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KN95 Masks

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Pre-order items in transit from our supplier with 10% down.

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