What is a KN95 Mask?

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, and the state-wide mandated face coverings, there have been a lot of questions regarding what masks do and what kind you should be buying. Recently, the FDA authorized KN95 masks as protection against COVID-19. In order to protect yourself completely from outside bacteria, a KN95 mask will likely be your best option. You may ask, what exactly makes these masks a better option than other face coverings? Here are the details of KN95 masks and to get them.

KN95 masks are certified as respirators. All masks considered respirators contain filtration material that is able to capture particles not able to be seen. Certified particulate respirators can filter all particles including bacteria and viruses, like COVID-19.

When selecting masks, ensure that it seals tightly against the face. Make sure there are not any gaps in between the face and the mask. In order for a respirator mask to protect, it must fit the people’s faces. Other non-respirator masks, or uncertified masks usually do not have the same filtration properties as the KN95 masks, and may not protect you from outside particles.

The 95 in KN95 represents the amount of particles that mask limits. The N95 mask limits 95% of particles coming into contact with your nose and mouth. This means that only 5% of particles outside of your mask are getting into your body. This number highly decreases the ability of any virus to perpetrate through the mask.

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