Face Mask Scams Are Prolific

As the effects of coronavirus continues to unfold, and the reopening of the economy begins, one thing that we will likely be seeing is require PPE in all offices and workplaces. Companies will be expected and potentially required to offer protective equipment to all employees. This includes face masks, as many cities within the U.S are mandating the use of face coverings. As companies look to purchase masks and other protective equipment they must be cautious as to who they are purchasing from.

In April, the FBI warned of face mask scammers who were taking advantage of health care workers in need of the proper equipment to keep them protected. These scammers are selling masks with fraudulent NIOSH markings, leading the users to believe they are safe for use. 

These fake masks fail to meet the NIOSH standards that normal masks provide. If you are business and you provide one of these fraudulent masks, you could be legally liable. If OSHA mandates the use of masks in workplaces that must be NIOSH-approved, and you do not comply, you will be found in noncompliance. This could lead to various penalties and corrective action may need to take place.

Businesses who purchase or sell fake masks will also not be protected under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, which provides limited liability to claims of loss that is a result of the distribution, administration, or use of countermeasures to coronavirus. Any NIOSH approved mask that is authorized for emergency use by the FDA are considered countermeasures and are covered under the Act.

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