The New Normal in Dentist’s Offices

As businesses begin to reopen throughout the United States, there will be new processes and procedures in place to ensure people’s safety and wellbeing. Dentist offices have been closed to non-emergency procedures over the last few months. Now they are opening up in full swing. So what does that mean for your next visit?

Dr. Kami Hoss, the CEO and co-founder of The Super Dentists, states that every person who walks into a dentist’s office in San Diego will be required to wear a mask. Face masks prevent someone who may not have symptoms pass the virus onto another person. Implementing mandatory masks will help protect both patients and employees from potentially passing it to one another within the office. 

If waiting rooms remain open, masks will be crucial to protect those inside the waiting room. 

One safety precaution that may be implemented across the board is the use of a virtual waiting room. These waiting rooms allow patients to check-in for their appointment in their car to keep them coming into contact with other people. 

Not only will people likely be waiting in their car, but the physical waiting rooms will also be very different. There will likely not be any toys, magazines, or other shared entertainment sources to prevent passing germs further. 

One worry that some dental professionals have as we begin to reopen offices to their fullest extent is the shortage of equipment to keep their employees and patients safe. Working in the mouth, where coronavirus likely lives, brings added complications to providing personal protective equipment that is safe. But with the proper PPE systems in place, dentists should be able to get up and running again. 

Provide protective equipment for your employees and your patients to ensure everyone safety and wellbeing. If you are a dentist’s office that has begun reopening, it will be expected that you provide masks for your patients while they wait for their appointment. Get your KN95 masks today at!