How to Prepare Your Salon For Reopening

Salons are beginning to prepare for reopening in the next phase for California. In some states, salons have already reopened. Cleanliness is a top priority for these salons beginning to open their doors once more. The CDC has provided guidelines for various types of salons as you begin to think about the new processes and procedures that will need to be implemented.

To begin the process of implementing new procedures, you must implement training to your employees and stylists. Inform your workers of proper cleaning procedures. As well as the steps to take if they develop symptoms if they have come into contact with the virus. This training should also include informing your workers of the proper PPE equipment to wear, like face masks, and how to wear it properly. 

If you are a salon owner, you must ensure that your staff feels safe and comfortable as they come back to work. This means providing proper protective equipment to keep them and their clients safe. This includes gloves, face protection, and respiratory protection. For face and respiratory protection, the CDC recommends face coverings. 

At MedProteX we know how important your staff and your client relationships are to your business. We want to help you keep both of them as safe as possible. Providing KN95 masks, which limit 95% of particles from leaving and entering the mask, is a great way to give your staff and clients a sense of protection and safety. Everyone wants to ensure their health and safety during this uncertain time. 

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