How to Protect Your Veterinary Business From COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, every business has been affected in some way. Veterinarians and their staff have been working to understand how to protect themselves and their owners from the beginning of the stay-at-home order. There has been no evidence that animals can place a role in spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. This is great news for most vets, as their practices can continue on as close to normal as possible. 

Although they cannot contract coronavirus from animals, they still must use proper protective equipment and procedures to ensure there is little to no contact with the animal’s owners. As veterinarians continue to implement processes and procedures to keep both their staff and their clients safe, there are a few things that should be implemented right away.

As an owner of your own practice, you must maintain constant communication with your employees and pet owners. Inform them that if they feel sick or begin to feel symptoms arise, they should stay home. They should follow the CDC’s recommendation on what to do if you are sick or develop symptoms

Non-urgent visits and elective procedures should also be postponed until regular business operations resume. This may be very soon for your community, so be sure to implement the proper protective measures to keep your staff from coming into contact with the virus.

The CDC also recommends that everyone who enters the clinic wearing a face covering. KN95 masks offer up to 95% of protection from bacteria entering and leaving the mask, limited respiratory droplets from transferring between people. If you own a clinic, be sure to offer proper protection for your employees and clients, so they feel safe and taken care of during this uncertain time. 

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