Non-Emergent Dental Procedures Are Beginning Again

Since the beginning of the pandemic, dental hygienists have essentially shut down. Dentists offices were open to emergent surgeries, but have not seen any non-emergent procedures in a few months. Over the last week,  42 of the 50 states have begun reopening to non-emergent procedures, as the CDC updated its guidelines to allow non-emergency dental care to resume. What does this reopening look like for dental offices?

The dental offices that have opened have implemented a few processes and procedures to care for both their employees and their patient’s health. The first thing that has been largely implemented is a temperature check upon arrival. Along with hand sanitizer throughout the office, and chairs that have been spread out to limit the amount of people in the waiting room.

The Chief Science Officer of the American Dental Association, Marcelo Araujo, advises offices to remove magazines and other “unnecessary items” from waiting rooms. He also suggests a phone screen inquiring about COVID-19 testing and symptoms. 

The American Dental Association also recommends face shields, N95 and KN95 masks, goggles, and disposable gowns for all dental hygienists to ensure their safety. Dental procedures tend to have excess splashing of air particles from patients that could transmit the virus. 

Face masks have been widely mandated in cities across America for all people. In order to protect your patients and staff, you should recommend the use of face masks for your patients when they come into the office. 

As a business owner, it is your duty to keep both your staff and patients safe. At MedProteX, we understand that you want to open your business in the safest way possible. Get your KN95 masks today to offer both your patients and employees the proper PPE to help slow the spread.