How Can Plastic Surgery Continue Without Face Masks?

Over the last few weeks, multiple states have reopened non-essential businesses. Restaurants, offices, and other establishments have opened and are actively trying to figure out how to navigate new protocols due to COVID-19. Cosmetic doctors are among these businesses reopening. The core of their business is through physical contact, and these doctors need to have access to facial features. How can cosmetic doctors navigate COVID-19 safety precautions while doing their job effectively? Here are a few ideas:

For most dermatologists and plastic surgeons who have already reopened, their office has experienced a new normal. This new normal includes limited staff, varying schedules, COVID-19 screenings, temperature scans, limited seating in waiting rooms, a face mask requirement for all, and increased disinfection protocols. But what should a plastic surgeon do it they have to come into contact with a patient’s face?

Things like fillers, botox, and other cosmetic procedures consist of contact with a persons face without a mask. To limit most contact with a patients mouth and nose, surgeons have started using Zoom consultations to begin the appointment and see where they might need cosmetic procedures done.

Some plastic surgeons also believe that it may be safe enough to examine a patient without a mask on for a short period. Asking patients to laugh, smile, and talk in person will likely be put on hold for a while, but some doctors may do other assessments in person. 

Other dermatologists have expressed that they do not need consultations, as the patients, the dermatologists are already familiar with, are invited to come in for non-essential work.

The issue of masks for patients is an issue when dealing with fillers, or procedures around the mouth and nose. For most other procedures, like Botox in the upper half of the face, can be done with both the doctor and the patient wearing masks. 

As you begin to reopen your offices, provide PPE for all patients and employees. We understand how important your businesses and your patients are, help keep them safe by providing face masks. Order your KN95 masks today at