Salons, Spas, and Wellness Businesses Set to Reopen Soon!

Most businesses that have been closed due to COVID-19 have seen phases where non-essential businesses have reopened. With this news, all companies have had to consider what reopening means for their specific industry. Most salons, spas, and wellness companies have either reopened or are considering opening soon. What do these companies need to do to align with the new normal?

Here are a few things you can be doing to prepare for reopening and align with new normal procedures and protocols:

Communicate with your staff about new reopening protocols. With heightened anxiety surrounding the return of non-essential businesses, ensure your employees and customers are aware of all the protocols you’re taking to keep them safe. Some of these protocols include: 

  • employees monitoring their signs and symptoms 
  • a COVID-19 risk-self assessment regularly
  • employees and customers wear a face mask
  • employees should wash their hands upon arrival and at various points during the day
  • higher level of disinfection and cleaning procedures.

You should also be working to accommodate local, state, and federal requirements surrounding face masks and social distancing. There will likely be restrictions placed on businesses as they reopen, like limited capacity, or mandated face masks. In a salon or spa, you may need to cap the number of appointments you can have in an hour, so there’s little overlap between clients. Also, be sure to account for disinfection time between clients. 

You should also consider the client check-in process. Where can you eliminate physical contact as much as possible? This includes payment, paper forms, and other means of physical contact. Most of these things can be supplemented with paperless changes. This may be over the phone check-in and form submission. You might also want to consider limited walk-ins and requiring appointments only for the first few weeks. 

Lastly, while preparing to reopen, you should consider stocking up on essential protective equipment. This protective equipment includes toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, face masks, and gloves. You will likely need more of these items on hand during the next few weeks. 

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