WHO Recommends the Use of Face Masks

Over the last few months, the guidelines for COVID-19 have shifted multiple times. Since the virus is so unknown to those studying it, new evidence continues to come out as we move forward. 

Last week, the World Health Organization updated its guidelines to recommend that people wear face masks when in public places to slow the spread of Coronavirus. This change in guidance stems from the growing observational evidence from multiple countries that have recommended the use of masks, and the difficulty of social distancing in public settings.

Here are more details surrounding the new recommendation:

The WHO recommends that everyone in public settings, including work, social settings, mass gatherings, schools, places of worship, public transportation, and other public places that make it difficult to social distance.

General Tedros, the WHO Director, suggests that “in area of community transmission, we advise that people aged 60 years or over, or those with underlying conditions should wear a medical mask in situations where physical distancing is not possible.” The WHO is also encouraging all people to wear a mask in situations that may result in transmission. 

Dr. April Baller, the WHO medical officer in infectious prevention and control, claimed, “The thing that needs to be understood about a mask is that its a barrier. So it can be used both for a barrier for somebody who’s wearing it. It can be used as a barrier for somebody who’s looking at the person who’s wearing it.” 

While masks don’t replace other safety precautions we need to take to slow the spread, they offer a good alternative when some precautions are not possible. At MedProteX, we want to keep you safe. Contact us to order your FDA-approved, OSHA recommended face masks!