PPE Shortages Affect Dentists and Orthodontists

Dentist and Orthodontist offices have started to perform non-essential services as states begin to lift stay-at-home restrictions. But as they try to begin reopening as soon as possible, one thing stands in the way– lack of protective equipment. There have been nationwide shortages of gloves, masks, and face shields, which are essential to reopening these offices.

This reality has left many dentists and orthodontists wondering how they can resume business in the safest way possible. Hospitals and front-line responders have been the first to receive any PPE, as they are dealing directly with Coronavirus patients, whereas dentists and orthodontists are further down the line. 

In addition to hospitals receiving most of the PPE, restaurants, salons, and other public places have begun to buy gloves and masks, it only furthers the potential shortages for dentists. PPE is out of stock in many areas nationwide, so how can companies move forward with reopening when they are unable to keep themselves safe?

Because dentists aren’t receiving protective equipment as frequently or at all, they might have to reconsider how their business functions. Dentists have to work in close proximity to their patients and may come into contact with their respiratory particles, and protective equipment is necessary for their safety. 

Not only will they be paying more for protective equipment, but they will also be experiencing a lower number of patients. This could have a significant impact on how dentists and orthodontists can run their business. At MedProtex, we offer competitive pricing to help support your business through this uncertain time. 

While there are companies that are out there to scam others into spending money without receiving any product, there are a few companies out there that want to help business reopen as soon as possible. 

At MedProteX, we want to provide face masks to businesses that have experienced shortages. Our face masks are FDA approved, and OSHA recommended. We want to help your company succeed in the face of uncertainty. Our masks ship directly out of our San Diego warehouse, limiting any contact with untrustworthy sources. Visit our site to order your masks today!