Gyms Are Reopening: What You Should Consider Before You Open Your Doors

Over the last few weeks, we have seen many businesses begin the first stages of reopening. Gyms are among some of these businesses that have been considering opening up over the past few days. As companies start this process, there can be hesitation from gym-goers and employees alike. How can you ensure the safety of your employees and clients as you begin to open your doors again?

First, ensure safe social distancing measures are in place. Some gyms have put plexiglass between machines, or have taken equipment off the floor to ensure those working out near each other are far enough away from one another.  This may also mean implementing an appointment system to control the number of people in the gym, and the use of floor markers to ensure space between customers.

Employers also need to consider the cleanliness of their space. Not only could you have a team come in and deep clean the gym, but clients should also be encouraged or required to clean their equipment after every use. 

Another consideration to take into account is if you will be implementing temperature checks upon arrival for both clients and employees. These checks can ensure that anyone coming into your business does not have the symptoms aligned with COVID-19.

You should also consider providing PPE for not only employees but also clients. Employees should be encouraged to wear masks and gloves to protect themselves further. 

The CDC has recommended to use of face masks in public places to slow the spread, especially in areas where social distancing can be challenging to maintain. As an employer, you should consider either encouraging or requiring your clients and employees to wear masks when they enter and leave the building, and when doing light workouts. 

As you continue to navigate reopening your business in a post-COVID world, consider providing PPE for your employees. At MedProteX, we understand that your employees’ safety is of the utmost importance to you. Order your face masks today to further protect both your employees and your clients. We offer free shipping on all orders from our San Diego, CA offices!